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While many people think of cosmetic dentistry purely from an aesthetic perspective, there are also often health benefits to correcting damaged or misaligned teeth. Correctly aligned teeth can make cleaning easier and alleviate problems such as gum disease, chewing difficulty, jaw pain, and unnecessary tooth wear. For Dr. Ben Fong of Herongate Dental Clinic in Ottawa, helping people achieve a better looking smile is a part of helping them maintain good overall health.
Dr. Ben Fong graduated with his degree in General Dentistry from the University of Toronto in 1983, with his main focus in cosmetic dentistry and orthodontics. His first clinic was opened immediately after graduation with five staff members.
Through the years the practice has grown significantly. In 2013 the clinic was completely revamped at a new location nearby to the original, while the number of dentists and staff level grew to the current 26. Cosmetic services include orthodontics, porcelain bridges, crowns and veneers, cosmetic bonding, smile symmetry contouring, and soft tissue cosmetic contouring. The clinic also offers full dental services including check-ups, fillings, cleaning and whitening, endodontics for root canals, periodontal disease treatment, wisdom tooth extraction, dentures, and mouth guards. Emergency services are available for situations such as injuries, damage, or acute dental infections.

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