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The dentists and staff members at Herongate Dental Clinic offers the highest level of customer service and all appointments are confirmed via email and telephone. Staff members are well trained and experienced, and provide reliable and consistent service. Dr. Fong’s assistant, Anabela has been with him for the last 33 years, and six of the staff members have been there for over 20 years

Dr. Ben Fong Invisalign OfficePatients come from all ages and many different backgrounds. In general, people today are taking better care of their oral health and are more inclined to want to save their teeth if possible. Today there are more choices in correcting damage or improving the look of one’s smile with long-lasting results. People are also better able to research their options with plenty of information available on the internet, resulting in a more educated patient who can discuss his or her individual wants and needs with the dentist. Dr. Fong and his staff listen to the patient and explain the options in a relaxing and friendly environment, giving each patient a customized treatment plan that is designed for the individual’s situation.

Over the years of his practise, Dr. Fong has completed thousands of orthodontics cases. In recent years, he has seen a surge in demand from patients of all ages including seniors due to the advances of Orthodontics. Ten years ago he began offering Invisalign aligners as an alternative to conventional braces for straightening teeth. With its ease,comfort, and less noticeable appearance, It became more convenient for a variety of individual in different circumstances. It can be used in many situations with a high level of precision, from closing spaces to straightening crowded teeth or correcting bite problems. The aligners are invisible and removable, allowing the patient to eat, drink, brush and floss easily for better oral hygiene. Patients can preview their results with the virtual treatment planning, a three-dimensional analysis of the tooth movement that shows how the teeth will be moved and by how much time it will take. With all that being said, Dr. Fong will still rely on conventional braces for certain cases such as deep overbites, severe upper and lower jaw discrepancies and less reliable and dependable patients.

The clinic itself has undergone and expansion through the years with adapted rooms outfitted for Ortthodontic treatments. Free orthodontic consultations are offered at the patient’s convenience and regular information, question and answer sessions are held by Dr. Fong on a regular basis.

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