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Dr. Fong’s orthodontic procedures employs an array of techniques that he choices depending on the patient’s treatment objectives.. The Itero Scanner replaces traditional dental impressions with highly accurate digital images to simplify the experience for Invisalign patients. The teeth are scanned in less than two minutes by Dr. Fong’s well trained staff. “With the Itero Scanner and its new software capabilities, we are able to create a virtual result of potential patients based on their concern in less than five minutes,” Dr. Fong notes.

Several additional tools and techniques are applied in Dr. Fong’s orthodontic procedures. Acceledent, a device that is used for 20 minutes a day, creating gentle micropulses that speed up the remodelling of bone tissue for faster and safer tooth structure movements. An alternative procedure called Propel Orthodontic uses an instrument to perform small micro-osteoperforations in selected areas to create local inflammation.








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